Starr's Garden 2012 19 x 36 inches unique intaglio print on akatosashi paper $1200


October 6 - 30 2014
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Kumi Korf's intaglio prints from her 2012 garden series will be featured in the gallery through October. These images are based on western garden designs. The artist began with black and white architectural renderings of gardens and transformed them with layers of saturated color and overlapping shapes. Combining traditional etching techniques such as sugar lift, aquatint and spit bite with positive and negative stencils she has created images that are complex and elegant.

Asked about her process Kumi Korf responds "It is a magic moment, each time when the dampened paper is peeled off from the plate, revealing the transferred image from plate to paper. I love the surface of the copper plate, polished, worked, inked, and wiped. My technique of intaglio printing is traditional, however the experience is more like painting than printing for me."

Ms Korf teaches at the Center for the Book in New York City and San Francisco. Her work has been exhibited internationally including several solo shows in Tokyo, Japan.

Recently, her work was part of the Biennial Exhibition at the Memorial Gallery, Rochester University, Rochester, New York.

A film about the artists life, Hidden Books: The Art of Kumi Korf is available on dvd.

Ms Korf lives with her husband in Ithaca, New York.

clockwise from top left
Caitlin Foster Part of a Sidwalk micron pen
Josette Urso July collage
Wayne Hoy Telegraph Hill selenium-toned gelatin silver print
Alexis Manheim Inhaling Smoke & Helium chalk pastel, ink and gouache


Wayne Hoy's photographs will be on view at the SFO Museum in Terminal 3 November 2014.

Susumu Takashima's solo show at Chandler will open in November 2014. Mr Takashima will travel from Tokyo to attend the reception and give a gallery talk.

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