Caitlin Foster, Josette Urso, Wayne Hoy and Alexis Manheim


Through September 6th 2014

Caitlin Foster on the inspiration for her work, "Generally I am compelled to make a drawing after I see a pattern or part of something I like and want to use it, like the insides of envelopes! I love seeing new envelope designs. If I see good art I’m often encouraged to go home and work. I think Vija Celmins has had a big influence on my work."

Josette Urso describes her work as a sort of journey. "I want to push the visual matrix to a crescendo just before breakdown, to find, in T.S. Eliot’s phrase, “The still point of the turning world.” There is a gamble involved in this, and my circular arrangements put me in mind of roulette wheels, just as they provide an insight into the spectral nature of consciousness.

Wayne Hoy has been interested in the San Francisco landscape for a very long time, especially in the numerous variations of how the city's architecture reflects the features of its mountains and hills. The "Twilight Series" carefully examines the truly unique nature of the San Francisco landscape during the transitional moments between day and night.

"Looking at an Alexis Manheim painting, you want to jump into the canvas. You want to experience the primitive, dreamlike states she paints with so much verve. The playful shapes and colors are almost childlike — squiggles, blotches, ovals, shadings, and lines that originate from an active imagination. " Jonathan Curiel, art critic

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clockwise from top left
Caitlin Foster Part of a Sidwalk micron pen
Josette Urso July collage
Wayne Hoy Telegraph Hill selenium-toned gelatin silver print
Alexis Manheim Inhaling Smoke & Helium chalk pastel, ink and gouache


Wayne Hoy's photographs will be on view at the SFO Museum in Terminal 3 November 2014.

Susumu Takashima's solo show at Chandler will open in November 2014. Mr Takashima will travel from Tokyo to attend the reception and give a gallery talk.

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